30 April 2017

Cannabis Life Network report,

Over 800 new members joined the Tinley Collective to purchase and/or sample Tinley products over the course of the three-day event.  Products available included Tinley ’27 Caribbean Spiced Rum, Fireball-style Tinley ’27 Cinnamon Whisky, Italian-inspired Tinley ‘27 Amaretto and a pre-mixed Tinley Lime Margarita cocktail, all alcohol-free, and infused with premium cannabis extract.  Consumers were able to purchase these products straight or on the rocks, or combined with sodas and other popular mixers to create cannabis versions of Piña Coladas and other classic cocktails.

Tinley attended the Cannabis Cup as a non-competing exhibitor, and may seek to enter its products info future competitions in California.  The Company will offer products for sale online directly to California-resident patients, and is making products available to dispensaries throughout the state.

“Cannabis-infused beverages are now emerging as a key consumer trend, fuelled in part by new levels of quality in formulation, and the growing switch from drinking alcohol to medicating with consumable cannabis,” said Jeff Maser, CEO of Tinley. “Leading dispensaries across California expressed interest and  enthusiasm for Tinley’s unique approach to capturing the spirit of classic liquors and cocktails in our line of expertly-crafted, alcohol-free, cannabis-infused creations.”

Additional information on the Company’s products can be found at www.drinktinley.com.