Surprise Surprise ! Countries With Lowest Synthetic Cannabinoid Use Are Those Who Have Regulated Cannabis

Yet again the public purse (in various places around the world) has funded more blindingly obvious research to tell us what we all already knew.

If cannabis isn’t available some people will resort to dangerous synthetic substitutes that for some reason beyond our understanding are available on the open market for people to literally kill themselves with.

Also we are going to say it … where do these synthetics in the main come from ?  China. Exporters, online and physical traders and anybody else in the supply chain;  if we had our way would be put away for a very long time for peddling this poison.



Australia’s Pondering Pot has an nice little report on the subject

In a 2019 study by UNSW Sydney and the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre (NDARC), researchers discovered that many Australians are using synthetic cannabis as a substitute for plant-based cannabis. 

In Europe, the Global Drug Survey found that synthetic cannabis use is lowest in the Netherlands, Portugal, and Spain – all countries that have legalised or decriminalised cannabis. 

Finally, a study from the University of Virginia has speculated that legalising cannabis may be the secret to shrinking the synthetic cannabis industry. The study found that K2 users preferred plant-based cannabis, and used K2 as a way to evade drug testing.

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Experts believe cannabis legalisation secret to stamping out ‘synthetic’ cannabis


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