Switzerland: Legislature approves amendment to Narcotics Act making it simpler to access medical cannabis

Blue  News reports

According to this, doctors will in future be able to prescribe cannabis drugs directly on prescription. You remain obliged to report treatments to the FOPH. Today you have to obtain an exemption from the Federal Office of Public Health (BAG) before prescribing. This makes access more difficult for patients and delays therapy, as Brigitte Häberli-Koller (CVP / TG) said in the Council of States on Monday.

The Council of States unanimously adopted the amendment to the law on Monday. The National Council already agreed in the winter session. In relation to the Federal Council’s submission, he added that the BAG should also collect data on side effects when monitoring. The Council of States agrees with this addition.

The store is now ready for the final vote. The amendment to the law also regulates the cultivation, production, processing and trading of medicinal cannabis. Swissmedic is intended as the licensing authority. The law does not regulate who pays for cannabis medicinal products.

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