Switzerland: Pilot project receives cannabis from Pure Holding AG

Since 2020, Pure Holding AG has had an exemption from the Federal Office of Public Health in its pocket, which allows the company, which now has over 8000 different cannabis varieties, to grow marijuana in Switzerland.

After the federal government had approved a pilot project for dispensing cannabis to adults in Basel, the producer has now been awarded the right to act as the exclusive supplier for the project. Four different types of grass and two of their own types of hash are therefore made available by the company Pure Production AG for the pilot project in Switzerland. 

In the spirit of science

In order to find out what effects a regulated cannabis market will have on consumers and society, pilot projects on the legal sale of cannabis to adult consumers are also being initiated in Switzerland. The first project is scheduled to start in Basel in late summer 2022, in which up to 400 cannabis users who are already consuming can take part, who will be selected in August of this year. The delivery of the pure and checked cannabis products should be done through pharmacies, whereby the prices of the goods should be based on those on the black market.

With the results, Pure Holding AG wants to make a contribution to what functioning cannabis regulation in Switzerland could look like. The University of Basel, the university psychiatric clinics and the health department of Basel-Stadt will scientifically support the project and try to find out how the legal purchase of the goods will affect consumer behavior and the physical and mental health of people.

Pilotprojekt erhält Cannabis von der Pure Holding AG

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