Switzerland to legalise recreational and medical cannabis usage .. draft plan suggests only Swiss farmers will be able to grow crops

The Local in Switzerland is saying the following…

Switzerland will draw up a draft law for the legalisation of cannabis usage, after a parliamentary commission ruled the drug should no longer be banned.

The production, cultivation, trade and consumption of cannabis will no longer be banned in Switzerland after a commission investigating the drug said the laws should be changed, Swiss news outlet Blick reported on Tuesday.

The Social Security and Health Commission of the Council of States (SGK-S) said cannabis should be regulated in Switzerland in order to control the “cannabis market for better youth and consumer protection”.

The aim of the SGK-S is to eliminate the black market for the drug in Switzerland. A draft law will now be drawn up in Swiss parliament.

Importantly, it appears that not only will medical use be allowed, but recreational use will also be approved.

Other rules, for instance how individuals can cultivate and produce cannabis for personal use, as well as taxation issues, will be laid out as part of the legal effort.

The decision was made on Tuesday afternoon, with 9 of the body’s 11 representatives voting in favour.

The legalisation has support from across Switzerland’s political spectrum, with 40 members of the National Council signing the initiative.

While Switzerland’s laws for cannabis production and usage are relatively strict, a movement towards legalisation has been brewing for some time.

According to one such plan, the cannabis sold in Switzerland would be exclusively produced by Swiss farmers.


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