Texas: Only 2 Out Of 60 Odd Cannabis Bills Make It to Governor’s Desk

The San Antonio Report writes

After an 87th Legislature that saw Texas lawmakers introduce some 60 bills related to reforming the state’s marijuana laws, only two made it to Gov. Greg Abbott’s desk.

While pro-marijuana advocates saw cannabis-related bills “moving like never before” this session, state legislators took only incremental steps toward liberalizing marijuana laws, said Director of Texans for Responsible Marijuana Policy Heather Fazio.

“It’s really disappointing to see Texas inching forward while other states around the country … are moving forward with comprehensive medical cannabis programs that offer safe and legal access to this medicine,” Fazio told the San Antonio Report.

Of the two bills approved by the Texas Legislature before the session ended Monday, one became law without Abbott’s signature and one awaits his action.

The most significant marijuana-related legislation passed was a bipartisan measure that expands the Compassionate Use Program, which allows registered doctors to prescribe low-THC medical cannabis to Texas patients who meet specific criteria and/or who have qualifying illnesses. House Bill 1535 – filed by Reps. Stephanie Klick (R-Fort Worth), Donna Howard (D-Austin), Tom Oliverson (R-Houston), Jay Dean (R-Longview), and Four Price (R-Amarillo) – allows patients with all forms of cancer and post-traumatic stress disorder to use medical cannabis.

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