Texas: “This is a law and order state, we have been and will continue to be so” Says Gov. Abbott.

Here’s more but my no means all as reported in the Texas Cannabis Report

“Right now Governor Greg Abbott shows no signs of changing his stance on medical marijuana” according to Leslie Aguilar with KRGV. Last month the station featured families from all over the state who say medical marijuana is drastically improving the lives of their children. Some of the families featured include the Garza family from the Rio Grande Valley who have left for Colorado, the Zartlers in north Texas who illegally medicate their daughter who has both autism and cerebral palsy, and another mother Myra Ramirez who wants to try medical marijuana for her son who say’s “this is our last resort.”

Gov. Abbott responded to these pleas through KRGV, stating “as you point out I did sign a law that provided for what is called CBD oil for treatment for those with epilepsy. At this stage that’s as far as Texas will take it. One of the beauties of the way the the United States works is that there are different states that have different programs and we have the opportunity here in Texas to observe what is going on in Colorado and I gotta tell you there are some potential upsides but there have also been demonstrated some potential downsides.”

Asked what his concerns are about some of the effects the law has had in Colorado, Gov. Abbott responded “Well there has been, as one example, multiple reports of different cases where because of lack of standardization there have been overdoses or overreactions in a very bad way for individuals who are using it there. There is also the historical concerns about the way this could turn into a gateway drug.”

More at http://txcann.com/texas-gov-abbott-medical-marijuana-patients-law-and-order/

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