We were to learn of a decision early December but it looks as though this has been delayed until the middle of the month or late in December.

Which, for Australia, is odd timing as the country tends to go on vacation from 23 December all the way through to the end of January and especially so in the public sector.

This makes us think whether we should expect another delay through to February 2021.

As they say, only time will tell

Were they to make an announce in the negative and then the EU court handed down this decision last week

The EU Ruling Is In “CBD derived from the entire hemp plant is not a narcotic”

Then again, Australia Federal Health Minister, Greg Hunt, was asking for ideas from the industry at a shindig early last week. Maybe some mates got his ear and the civil servants have been instructed to go down another path and revise documents.

Australia: Greg Hunt ( Federal Health Minister) Wants Your Ideas To Build The Australian Medical Cannabis Sector… So He Says

All surmise on our part as we don’t have the ear of the great and powerful.

We shall see.

Notice of final decisions to amend (or not amend) the current Poisons Standard, June 2020

Scheduling medicines and poisons

25 November 2020

1 Notice of final decisions to amend (or not amend) the current Poisons Standard

This web publication constitutes a notice for the purposes of regulation 42ZCZS and regulation 42ZCZX of the Therapeutic Goods Regulations 1990 (the Regulations). In accordance with regulations 42ZCZS and 42ZCZX, this notice publishes:

  1. the decisions made by a delegate of the Secretary pursuant to regulations 42ZCZR and 42ZCZU;
  2. the reasons for those final decisions; and
  3. the date of effect of those decisions.

2 Final decisions in relation to nicotine and cannabidiol (private application and delegate initiated)

Note that the final decisions on nicotine and cannabidiol (private application and delegate initiated) are not published in this notice. Publication is expected in mid December and late December 2020, respectively.

Final decisions and reasons