Thailand: Pattaya ready to enact own cannabis-control law

With enactment of a national cannabis-control law still weeks or months away, Pattaya is set to draft its own regulations on the herb’s relations to schools and youths.

Pattaya Deputy Mayor Thitiphan Phettrakul chaired a July 8 meeting on rules needed to control and prohibit cannabis and hemp use in schools following their June 9 decriminalization. Thailand put the cart before the horse, legalizing marijuana without first passing supporting laws that govern what ages, demographic groups or geographical locations where it can and can’t be sold and used.

Six days after decriminalization, the Public Health Ministry hastily issued a regulation banning its sale to minors, pregnant and breast-feeding woman. But the country only has ‘nuisance laws’ to regulate its use in public.

Pattaya will organize a meeting to confer with school officials and other bureaucrats to draft prevention measures. Thitiphan said the city also wants feedback from parents about what rules are needed.

For example, she said, regulations could state that no cannabis can be used in school foods and that it can be used only with a doctor’s prescription.


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