Thailand: Use, processing and sale of flowers and buds will also be legal, with THC content capped

The Bangkok Post reports…

The Ministry of Public Health will next year push for legalisation of all cannabis parts, lifting the last remaining hurdle preventing full use and commercialisation of the plant.

Thailand earlier removed stems, roots, leaves and sprigs of cannabis from its Category 5 narcotics list, but kept flowers and buds on it.

The new Narcotics Code, which took effect on Thursday, no longer has cannabis and hemp on it.

The next step is for the ministry to announce a revised narcotics list of all five categories based on the new law. Cannabis in all but one form will no longer be on it, minister Anutin Charnvirakul said on Saturday.

The only exception is cannabidiol (CBD) extracts with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) of more than 0.2%, he added.

Once the new list comes into effect, all cannabis products such as oil, soap, cosmetics and supplements, which normally have less than 0.2% of THC, can be made and used freely.

“The number is not unilaterally set by Thailand. It’s the World Health Organization standard,” he said, referring to the concentration level deemed dangerous.

Mr Anutin was in Nakhon Phanom province on Saturday to launch the “Cannabis Kickoff on Mekong Bank” event. It aims to encourage people to grow and process cannabis to supplement their incomes, which will in turn stimulate the economy and agricultural tourism, he said.


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