There’s still plenty of dispute in play around the state between pro and anti.. here’s the latest missive playing out via the pages of the  Santa Barbara Independent


The Independent’s recent story “Santa Barbara County to Crack Down on Cannabis?” misses the mark with an anti-cannabis bias and disregard for facts that run contrary to the reporter’s desire to portray the upcoming Board of Supervisors hearing as some kind of war between bucolic grape growers and profiteering cannabis farmers.


When the Board of Supervisors tasked its Planning Commission with suggesting changes to the current cannabis ordinance, Board Chair Gregg Hart stressed that all suggested changes should be “evidence based,” meaning backed by science, research, and objective facts. What the Planning Commission returned with, however, is a bureaucratic process that only appeases a small but vocal group of cannabis naysayers rather than fulfilling the direction of the elected representatives of the people. The Planning Commission’s recommendation that Conditional Use Permits (CUPs) be required for all cannabis projects would throw the entire county development process into disarray while creating absolutely no benefits to the general public.

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