2 weeks into the newly legalized adult use California, hustlers and brokers and mid-night tokers combine in a perfect storm of frenzy, greed and green fever. Cannabis is not new to the perils of M&A, but the highs of the big payouts for sellers and early ins for buyers turn quick to buzz kill trimmed with lies and crop flies. Caveat emptor people!

In the new environment of transparency the BS factor is higher than ever and It’s not a very pleasant strain. Making this week extra special were a handful of a certain breed of Fucci (fake Gucci) wearing double dealing hustler brokers out there who you know are lying because their lips are moving. You have outdone yourself. And to the ethical brokers, wherever you are,(and no its not an oxymoron) this is not about you.

Top M&A Lies of the Week

  • You can buy this license for one million dollars

  • This business is 100% compliant

  • I don’t smoke pot

  • We already have our permit, well 98% of it

  • the books are 100% perfect

  • if you don’t buy today its gone, all cash offer or else

  • I have an exclusive over these clients on any deal

  • Wholesale flower will be $1750 consistently for 36 months

  • Oregon has a cannabis supply problem. Really.

  • We have a CA license but no location, buy today or its gone.

  • Sessions smokes pot and is afraid to come out

  • Trump smokes pot and isn’t afraid to come out

  • My best friends brother is going to be Mayor here next year, we’re in.

  • My grow is the best

  • Doesn’t matter its not in a green zone, we know the sheriff and he’s cool

  • We pay all our people what we 1099 them

  • I only smoke a little bit of pot – the correct amount.

This is a time of transparency, but not in this strain of M&A. The lies continue and the flies are annoying. Eyes wide open, and as my mom used to say, “Believe none of what you hear and only ½ of what you see.”

New Game Compliance

Silvia San Nicolas, Esq is the founder and CEO of New Game Compliance.   New Game Compliance focuses on assisting operators in navigating cannabis regulations, providing compliance due diligence services for cannabis M&A buyers and sellers and providing compliance oversight.   Silvia is licensed to practice law in Washington, California, and Oregon.  Silvia has worked within the highly regulated markets of baking and insurance most of her career and has a keen sense of how complex regulatory systems work and don’t work.   Erin Woodmas is VP or Operations and holds a bachelor’s degree in American Studies from CSUF.

Her focus is communities and communication. Erin spent several years working in both Education and the Non-Profit sector.  She understands how daunting navigating local governments can seem, and enjoys helping others succeed with local governments.

 Together, Silvia and Erin have taken their expertise into the cannabis industry and have built a team of professional service providers, legal professionals and seasoned business people with proven track records in highly regulated markets.

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