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AUTHOR: Rob Hendrix

I recently had the unbelievably good fortune to be a participant, attendee and a featured speaker at the Global Cannabis Business Development Conference held in Portland, Oregon last week. The collective IQ in that room was staggering! Of course, I felt like a corduroy suit hanging in a closet full of tuxedos!

When they said “global”, boy did they mean it. Mexico, Canada, Germany, Spain and Israel as well as the USA were all represented. The future of global trade and enterprise in Cannabis is truly bright I feel safe in reporting. The medical possibilities are nearly endless and oh so promising! Canada has had problems in it’s own markets, trying to keep up with consumers’ demands in legal stores and dealing with self-inflicted product shortages, but on the international scale, they are pulling away and fast! Canada is literally making it’s own future as far as Cannabis is concerned and they are not looking back, only forward. Oh Canada!

There was a gentleman from New Brunswick who was hardworking and so smart and on top of things, and he is a government employee! Amazing! There was a PhD researcher from Israel who was positively giddy at some of the things they are working on there in the treatment of various ailments and making real and verifiable progress in their respective treatments. Another guy from Spain who is doing some really wonderful work in CBD internationally and a video presentation from Germany from an activist who has Germany moving away from the EU pack insofar as Cannabis being prescribed to patients like real medicine and, wait for it, being reimbursed by insurance companies!! And there were others who are passionate and motivated and really out there gettin’ it done and on a truly global scale.

Good work all of you and you know who you are! I feel privileged and proud to have had the opportunity to meet you all, hang with you all for the better part of two days! I know we will meet again and when we do, I’ll try my best to keep up with you!

Thank you all.

Rob Hendrix, Owner

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