The emerging Psychedelics Industry


Written by: Eric Singular

In recognition of May as Mental Health Awareness Month, we’re inspired to share our passion for the emerging sector of psychedelic medicine. While psychedelic reform may not be the Biden Administration’s top priority, it’s impossible to ignore the massive strides made in and policy in recent history. Following in the footsteps of the cannabis industry in the U.S., citizen ballot measures have paved the way for legislation to decriminalize and regulate psychedelic medicines.

In the 2020 election, Oregon voters passed legislation to decriminalize all drugs and legalize psilocybin therapy. Washington D.C. voters also approved a measure to decriminalize all plant- and fungi-based psychedelics. The momentum has continued with policymakers in California, Hawaii, and Florida now drafting psychedelic reform measures in the first few months of 2021. With Oregon setting the stage for medical psilocybin, optimism for federal reform is growing. The sky is the limit for this emerging sector, and psychedelic therapies may very well further the vitally important field of mental health.

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