When it comes to CBD or anything else related to cannabis, we already know that the FDA will have some harsh, yet essential things to say. Given that the CBD market is growing so fast, those who use or plan to use CBD oil products should do their research properly and, overall, take note of what the FDA says.


For example, the main concern of the FDA is the fact that many CBD-based products that are on the market now are illegal and may not be safe to use. On the other hand, pharmaceutical-grade CBD oil products are not that easy to find or to identify – hence the main concern of the administration.


The Main Use of CBD


The FDA is mainly concerned that more and more people believe that CBD products should be used as additives in beverages, food, and even dietary supplements. As you may know, all of these are firmly controlled by the administration – therefore, they shouldn’t be tampered with.


A review made by the administration also warns people that CBD might harm users, claiming potential serious side effects or liver injury. Naturally, the FDA pointed out that these may occur only when CBD is ingested regularly or taken while the user is on other medicine. 


Little is Actually Known


On the other hand, it is also worth mentioning that the FDA admitted that there are many other important aspects of CBD that we don’t know yet. In short, more research must be done to verify the claims mentioned above.


We can take as an example one of the first CBD drugs approved by the FDA – namely, Epidiolex. Statistics showed that it could reduce seizure frequency significantly in epilepsy patients. On the other hand, the FDA, during an application review process, showed that this drug could potentially damage the liver.


In the end, the drug was still approved – mainly because the FDA doesn’t know very much about CBD at this point. 


Not a Surprising Stand


Even though the FDA’s statement could surprise some of you, it is believed that it was long known that the administration would head in this direction.


This is because it did not share CBD guidelines with the rest of the world, or a specific timeline for its review of CBD oil products. 


On top of that, the FDA was quick to warn companies that were allegedly illegally selling CBD products. A multistate dispensary operator is also known to have received such a warning – naturally, the warning had unsubstantiated claims. 


The Bottom Line


Overall, the FDA doesn’t come with a clear stand on CBD – and CBD oil products -, mainly because it claims that more research must be done to discover more about the product/ substance.


On the other hand, people can’t ignore the CBD benefits and, with cannabis being legalized in more and more states, it goes without saying that most people assume that CBD is just as safe.


Although there’s much more to be discovered, it is advised that you don’t abuse CBD oil products and, naturally, use them wisely!