The First International Cannabis Shipment by The Green Organix Dutchman Holding Ltd (OTCMKTS: TGODF) is Destined for the South African Medical Market

Health and wellness are one of the keys of focus for a majority of cannabis companies. On the other hand, and as nature intended, the cultivation of organic cannabis more often than not happens in living soil. And looking around, Green Organix Dutchman Holding Ltd (OTCMKTS: TGODF) does this a lot. The company’s commitment is to produce its products responsibly, without much impact on the environment.

The leading producer of premium certified and organically grown cannabis has made yet another strategic milestone in its operations. The completion of its first international commercial shipment of cannabis flowers. These and other extracts will open the highly anticipated South African medical cannabis market. Expressing his exhilaration, the CEO Sean Bovingdon confirmed that this was in line with their corporate objectives and set the pace for their large-scale commercialization into the international market in 2022.

 Illustration Of The Value Of TGOD’s Organic Portfolio Bolstering Its Position

The selling of TGOD’s dried flower and oil is underway in Canada. This follows a recent launch of a series of next-generation cannabis products, including organic teas, vapes, hash, and dissolvable powders. Additionally, the company’s subsidiary HemPoland distributes premium hemp CBD oil and CBD-infused topicals in Europe. This clearly explains TGOD’s power of naturing from seed to sale. Thanks to science and technology.

In other news, the company has had its shares listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange. It is now looking forward to the same for the Common Shares and Warrants. Meanwhile, the already approved listing will enhance the company’s entry plans into the US market.

And according to Bovingdon , discussions are underway. “We are motivated to advance our discussions past the initial phase…We will look to partner with entities that can build on our halo and benefit from our experience and intellectual property….”

It is worth noting that the US Clean Green Directory is home to about 1600 craft growers. They aim to enhance processes, capabilities, and impact on the continued development of projects.

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