The Grow-Off’s Fifth Annual Cannabis Competition Same Strain, One Competition, Based On Science: Samantha Taylor, CEO of The Grow-Off

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The world’s largest cannabis growing competition has its sights set on the fastest-growing cannabis markets across the US.

The Grow-Off, a contest where individuals grow genetically identical marijuana plants, just finished its fifth annual California competition on May 25th.

Their goal? To find the Tony Magee of cannabis.


“If Lagunitas started in a kitchen, perhaps the next great cannabis grower has a handful of plants growing in their garage right now,”
Said Jake Browne, co-founder of The Grow-Off and former cannabis critic for The Denver Post.
“We’re here to give them a chance to show what they can do.”
As a science-based competition, entries aren’t judged by a panel of cannabis aficionados, but rather winners are awarded by lab-certified results for highest potency (total cannabinoids) and flavor (terpenes).

Samantha Taylor, CEO of The Grow-Off


“Having objective scoring means we run a 100% transparent competition while giving people a chance to see where they stack up against their peers. A lot of the time, people are working in the dark,”
Notes CEO Samantha Taylor, recently named one of Marijuana Venture’s Top 40 under 40.
The Grow-Off also aims to increase the diversity of participants compared to the cannabis industry by offering social equity grants for BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, and female applicants.

“There’s a lot of work still needed on the restorative justice side of cannabis,”

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