The Karma Koala Podcast Episode 52 (December Catch Up) Featuring: Mike Robotti, Narmin Jarrous, Rachael Z. Ardanuy & Ryan Hale

With over 100 hours of interviews with leading cannabis lawyers,  company founders, CEO’s and listened to in 17 countries around the world, here at the Karma Koala Podcast, we aim to bring you some of the best minds in the cannabis sector, not only from the US but internationally too.

December is already upon us and we are talking to some of our favorite industry people in each of our weekly episodes this month, and asking them in a catch-up interview format about their thoughts on 2021.

Not only on cannabis and the industry, but also their personal highs and lows of the year and we finish off each discussion by asking each of our guests to select a piece of music that means something to them and why.

If you listened last week you’ll be interested to learn that our guests this week discuss the same set of themes and issues that occupied the minds of last week’s guests.

If there are any politicians or regulators out there in podcast-land, do listen closely.

Many in the industry understand what the challenges and issues are,  all they are really looking for is lawmakers to step up the pace of change.

This week is the 3rdnd in our 2021 round-up shows and  Heather chats with.

Mike Robotti, – Partner @ Ballard Spahr. Formally a prosecutor in Brooklyn undertaking cartel 7 drugs work amongst other things

Narmin Jarrous, Director of Social Equality & CDO at Exclusive Brands

Rachael Z. Ardanuy, a cannabis lawyer since 2015 practicing in CO, NJ &FL

Ryan Hale, founder & CEO at Operational Security Services

Thankyou as always for listening

Sean & Heather

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