The Legal Complexities Surrounding CBD Hemp Flower in The UK

Public interest in CBD is at an all-time high across the UK, as its therapeutic potential continues to grow more established through scientific research and correlative anecdotal evidence. While common forms of CBD like isolates, topicals and edibles have drawn the attention of cannabis consumers for some time, a novel source of CBD has piqued the interest of devotees and aficionados alike in recent years; namely CBD hemp flower.

What is CBD hemp flower?

CBD hemp flower is a new and exciting product that is becoming increasingly popular among cannabis consumers. CBD hemp flower is derived from the hemp plant and contains high levels of cannabidiol (CBD), which is a non-psychoactive compound found in cannabis. CBD hemp flower offers many potential health benefits, including relief from anxiety, pain, and inflammation. It’s also being studied for its potential to treat a variety of medical conditions, including epilepsy, cancer, and Alzheimer’s disease.

CBD hemp flower is made by taking the CBD-rich flowers of female hemp plants that have reached full bloom and drying them. This process preserves the cannabinoids, terpenes, and other beneficial compounds in the plants, making them available for use in a wide variety of CBD end products, and consumable in everything from dry herb vaporisers to cups of infused tea.

While quality hemp-derived CBD products are readily available through top UK retailers like HempHash, many cannabis consumers — particularly newer ones — are unsure as to whether CBD hemp flower enjoys the same legal status. This post goes over everything you need to know to stay on the right side of the law.


Is Hemp Legal in the UK?

Hemp is currently legal in the UK. It’s been grown in the UK for centuries, and was a major domestically produced crop during the country’s Industrial Revolution. The UK is one of the largest producers and exporters of hemp in the world. Hemp is used in a variety of British industries today, including food, textiles, paper, construction, and cosmetics. In recent years, the UK government has been working to promote the use of hemp as a sustainable and environmentally-friendly crop.

It’s also legal for citizens to grow hemp in the UK. However, there are certain restrictions in place. For example, you must have a licence from the Home Office to grow hemp commercially. Additionally, the THC content of the plant must be below 0.2 percent. If it exceeds this level, it is considered to be a controlled substance and is therefore illegal. 

Finally, hemp must be grown in an enclosed space, such as a greenhouse. This is to prevent the plants from cross-pollinating with other cannabis plants, which would result in higher THC levels.


Complications & Caveats Around CBD Hemp Flower

As of this writing, UK cannabis laws do not allow for the cultivation, production, and possession of hemp flower, as it is expressly listed as a Class B drug in the hemp licensing factsheet. It’s also important to understand that CBD products made from hemp flower are not currently legal in the UK. This is because the CBD contents of these products have not been approved by the UK government. 

CBD products made from hemp flower are only available for purchase through specialised retailers. A notable loophole in existing UK restrictions on hemp flower is also being exploited by some retailers who sell it as a form of tea, and thereby a novel commodity, which casts it outside of cannabis laws and into a legal grey area.

Technicalities aside, the legal status of hemp flower sold in any form within the UK is subject to change within the next few years, so it’s crucial for cannabis consumers to check the latest laws before purchasing or consuming any hemp products.

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