The Legion of Bloom Partners with Environmental Not-for-Profits

The Legion of Bloom (LEGION) — an award-winning cannabis company based in Northern California — is proud to announce the launch of a new program that cements its reputation for sustainability and corporate social responsibility by aligning with environmental not-for-profits.

In addition to giving proceeds from its vape product lines to habitat restoration programs for the Monarch butterfly, LEGION is also putting cannabis to good use by funding reforestation projects aimed at replanting areas of California affected by wildfires.

“We founded the Legion to not only create quality cannabis experiences for our friends and family, but to also use the brand as a vehicle for environmental stewardship,” said LEGION CMO and Co-Founder Troy Meadows.

Since its Monarch vape cartridges were named in honor of the iconic species, LEGION is excited to be able to provide the California Association of Resource Conservation Districts (CARCD) with mission-critical funding to support its efforts to build and maintain Monarch butterfly habitat. At the same time, LEGION has also aligned itself with One Tree Planted, and is using sales of its California Sauce vape cartridges and their entire line of PAX pod vape products to help the organization replant trees in parts of California devastated by wildfires.

“Working with the Legion of Bloom on habitat restoration projects has been amazing! It is refreshing to see a local California business step up to provide much-needed help,” said Karen Buhr, Executive Director of CARCD. She continued, “These donations have enabled the CARCD to create real impact with our Monarch Program.”

LEGION’s latest initiative is a step in the right direction for the cannabis industry. With so many cannabis companies laser-focused on creating the “Best Cannabis Products,” The Legion of Bloom has separated itself from the competition by aligning with not-for-profits and reinvesting in California’s native habitat while becoming the industry’s top innovator. It is refreshing to see a company so focused on value simultaneously striving to create a lasting impact on the environment with its voice and revenue.

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