Are you keeping track of the many creative ways CBD is being employed? As use of the substance becomes more widespread, businesses and consumers are getting creative with the ways they consume CBD. The results range from the curious to the very smart and useful.

In this article, we are going to cover why there are so many ways to use CBD, and then list some of the most interesting applications of the substance.

The versatility of CBD

Good old CBD can be absorbed by the body in many ways, generating different effects depending on the application method. Casual users of CBD often seek it for its calming and anti-inflammatory properties, while medical patients use CBD for cancer and seizure treatments, among other conditions.

Its wide array of benefits is the reason why CBD can be now found in everything from sweets to beauty products. The fact that CBD oils and isolates can easily be dissolved into other substances while retaining its benefits has also helped with the recent explosion of CBD applications. Let’s take a look at some of those applications.

1 – CBD gummies

Gummies have been used since the fifties to deliver vitamins for kids in a way that’s more fun than taking pills. CBD gummies have similar benefits. They are fun, easy to carry, easy to make, and they are easy to dose on the fly. It’s more convenient to eat half a gummy than to cut a pill in half, or to mess around with a dropper.

2 – CBD vape oils

One of the ways you can get CBD into your system is by smoking Marijuana, and some Marijuana strains have incredibly high concentrations of CBD in them. However, smoking any substance comes with side-effects — namely, smoking increases the amount of CO2 in the blood, which can have negative long-term effects.

Vaping, meanwhile, is a clean way to get substances into your lungs. When vaped, CBD gets into the bloodstream faster, leading to a more immediate calming effect. The downside is that this effect also fades away faster than that of other methods of consumption.

3 – CBD foods

There are two main ways to get CBD in your system through your food. You can cook or bake the food item in question using CBD products in the recipe — often CBD isolates, which comes in crystallized form. Or you can spray CBD oil on top of the food before serving it.

Both approaches are commonly used to deliver a wide array of different CBD infused meals, from CBD pizza to CBD cakes, brownies, ice-creams, jams, and chocolate. If you can name a food item, then someone is probably already selling a version of it with CBD.

4 – CBD Drinks

Drinks work very similarly to foods when it comes to CBD. People started adding CBD to everything from milkshakes to tea, and there are even companies selling CBD coffee. For the latter, there are different delivery methods being used. Some companies sell you pre-ground coffee with CBD in it, while some coffee-shops started offering to add drops of CBD oil into customers’ coffee as an extra.

For tea and coffee, in particular, CBD can be a match made in heaven. It boosts the calming effects of a good warm tea, and it can cut back on the jittery sensation some people experience when drinking coffee, all while still letting you benefit from coffee’s focus-boosting effects.

Do you feel like experimenting with CBD yourself? A lot of the ideas listed here can be very easy to make at home. Just buy some CBD oil from sites like, find a good recipe, and start exploring.