The Most Basic Things to Know When You Are About to Grow Your First Cannabis Seeds

Cannabis can be cultivated just like any other plant, provided that you carry out all required steps efficiently and take proper care of the plant. 

With growing demand and favourable laws, more and more people are turning toward cultivating their own cannabis plants instead of getting involved in the tedious buying process. Not only does it guarantee an authentic output, but you also get weed perfectly tailored to your preferences. 

However, if you are a beginner, you must keep some things in mind before jumping into growing weed at home. The type of weed seeds you use and the environment it is exposed to make all the difference, among many other things. This article lists some of the most basic things one should know as a beginner weed cultivator. Keep reading to gain more insight!

Different Varieties of Cannabis Plant

You will often hear the word ‘strain’ alongside the mention of cannabis. All cannabis plants are derivatives of the Cannabaceae family, which further has two main sub-species, Indica and Sativa. Strains are simply unique variations of marijuana that contain specific traits of these species all of which you can learn more about at Verma Farms CBD 

The type of species you choose to cultivate depends on your needs, as there is quite a difference between the two. If you want to achieve a full-body high, then Indica should be your first choice. But, if your goal is to experience a head-high, then Sativas make up a better option.

In addition to that, you will also have to consider the plant’s flowering period. Generally, Indicas are thought to have a shorter flowering period and, therefore, serve as an ideal choice for beginners. Sativas, on the other hand, take a longer time to flower but are usually preferred for their medicinal properties.

Types of Cannabis Seeds

For beginners, selecting the correct type of marijuana seeds is the most challenging part. However, it is the most crucial step that decides the outcome of your efforts, so make sure you take your decision carefully.

Regular and Feminized 

The debate about which is better between regular and feminized seeds has always existed and will continue to exist. Both possess some valuable traits that may or may not fulfill your desired needs.

Regular cannabis seeds are mainly used by professional growers who like to develop novel strains. These seeds grow up to produce a mix of male and female plants, but male cannabis plants serve little value in terms of the ‘high’ effects and so are less preferred. You can use regular seeds after growing your first few plants to continue the lineage or produce new strains.

Feminized cannabis seeds, widely popular for their benefits, are often used by casual weed growers. As they produce exclusively female plants, you are guaranteed a high-quality yield almost every time. Feminized seeds are also great for practicing your weed-growing skills, as you will get to learn a lot about cannabis cultivation throughout the process.

Auto Flower Cannabis Seeds

Autoflowering seeds, also known as beginner cannabis seeds, are the perfect choice to put your growing skills to the test. They are the easiest to cultivate, making them ideal for first-time growers who have little idea about the plant’s light cycles. 

If you plant using autoflowering seeds, you will start to see the flowers after only a few weeks of growth. Not only will it take less time, but you will also have to put in less effort as compared to regular weed seeds or feminized photoperiod cannabis.

Moreover, autoflower seeds give you great value for money. You will have a wide variety of marijuana seeds to choose from, mainly differing in the amount of CBD and THC they contain. These seeds are also very resilient and hardy, making them more adaptable to harsh environments.

Environmental Conditions

The location where you choose to sow your cannabis seeds affects its growth in many ways. You can decide to plant it indoors, in a closed space, or outdoors, each possessing its certain benefits.

However, as a beginner, you should try to grow a few plants indoors. It allows you to have complete control over the plant’s environment. When you control the light, temperature, and humidity that the plant will be exposed to, there are fewer chances of it getting spoiled than growing the same plant outdoors.


The process involved in growing cannabis at home might seem a little arduous at first, but it is reasonably easy to achieve your desired results if you follow the right steps. Before starting, make sure you possess adequate knowledge regarding cannabis cultivation.

You must always choose the type of seeds and plants that suit your growing style the most. However, as a beginner, it is best to opt for autoflowering cannabis seeds, which make the whole cannabis growing process more convenient.

Lastly, don’t forget to take care of your plants punctually and provide them with an optimal growing environment for the best results.


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