The Numbers Are Public & GW Executives Are Raking In The Cash

This is Money (UK) reports

  • Geoffrey Guy, who founded GW Pharmaceuticals in 1998, made £5.8m last year
  • GW’s chief executive Justin Gover pocketed an eye-watering £7.2m
  • Epidiolex, an oral solution to combat the seizures suffered by people with epilepsy, was approved in Europe last year
  • Epidiolex usually sells for up to £10,000 a year per patient

Dr Guy has earned the sobriquet Dr Pot on the back of his earnings

 Guy, who lives in Chedington Court in Dorset, has also chosen to cash in on the company’s success, selling shares in GW that he has held for 22 years for £6million at the end of May.

GW, whose directors include the former Cabinet Minister Lord Waldegrave, is a pioneer of marijuana treatments and its first drug was the first cannabis plant-derived medicine to be approved by any country.

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