The NY & Hudson Valley Cannabis Industry Association(s) Present Their “Concrete Social Equity Measures For New York’s AdultUse Cannabis Legislation” Proposals

The NY & Hudson Valley Cannabis Industry Association(s) have published 6 policy documents  ahead of expected legislation to be approved by Albany and signed off by Cuomo, maybe even before easter ?

Here at CLR we’ll highlight a policy document a day so as to give interested readers time to digest proposals and thoughts one by one.

Today’s document concerns social equity issues that NY state will need to address.

The document is published in full below and here are some of the key takeaways (in their words)



First-entrant opportunities in a legalized marketplace can potentially be worth billions of dollars in revenues to the fortunate few, which revenues delayed equity entrants will never be able to access or realize. A true commitment to social equity and economic justice must include assurances that the intended beneficiaries of the cannabis legalization program are a top priority and first and foremost in every political, strategic, and economic policy decision made from conception of the program to the inception of the rollout across our great state.
Achieving social equity goals has to start with clearly delineated means to ensure that people from poor communities of color are prioritized for entry and placement into the legalized marketplace on Day One. This can only be achieved through:
-clemency and the expungement of criminal convictions,
-low cost entry points into the cannabis industry,
-providing for public and product safety through low cost legacy market operator and consumer laboratory testing fees,
-grants, fee waivers or low or no cost loans to equity licensees,
-business and other incubator programs to provide enhanced education and skills to new licensees,
-access to capital,
-creation of generational wealth, and
-significant investments in the infrastructure of the communities from which they hale.
A Starting Point: Prioritize Social Equity Licenses
We Need True Decriminalization: Cannabis Consumers Are No Longer Criminals
Incubators are a key component to a successful social equity program
The Importance Of Homegrow And On-Site Consumption
Good intentions lack meaning if they are not coupled with/actualized by concrete actions. Prioritizing applicants and legacy operators on Day One is the critical first step to realizing the social equity and economic justice goals that gird both the CRTA and MRTA proposals. By doing so, New York will distinguish itself by avoiding the quagmires and pitfalls that all other adult use states have floundered in by lacking an appreciable plan and implementing measures to achieve those goals on Day One. By doing so, New York will again prove itself to be a social and political national and global leader as well as the conceptualizing and implementing the optimal cannabis marketplace model.






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