The NYCCIA & HVCIA Issue Statement On NY “Finally Crossing The Legalization Threshold”


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On NY Finally Crossing The Legalization Threshold

History was made today as New York will assume its role as the leader of the national and global cannabis industry and marketplace. 

Both the New York City Cannabis Industry Association (NYCCIA) and the Hudson Valley Cannabis Industry Association (HVCIA) applaud the tireless efforts of the Governor and Legislative members who have persevered for years to bring about this very robust and far reaching MRTA legalization bill which was voted on and  approved by the Senate and the Assembly earlier this evening. It is now passed and awaits signature by Governor Cuomo. 

In the coming days both the NYCCIA and HVCIA will strive to provide critical insights, input, and recommendations to the Office of Cannabis Management and the Cannabis Control Board as they draft and finalize the rulemaking and administrative functions as part of the roll out of the adult use and medical programs. The future looks very bright for New York and its commitment to the paramount concerns of social equity, economic justice, diversity, and inclusion.

We stand ready to help all industry participants to create a sustainable, thriving marketplace and to continue to be a forum for people to connect and work together to make that vision a reality.

While we herald this day, let us not forget the legion of people and communities who suffered decades of oppression and persecution for engagement with cannabis. Those leaders, activists, and private citizens, both passed and living, made tremendous personal and professional sacrifice to raise public awareness about the endemic problems of over-enforcement of the cannabis laws, and to engage in discussions about its use both personally and medically.  We also thank those who organized and participated in social demonstrations and lobbying, and took legal actions in efforts to legalize cannabis.

The NYCCIA and the HVCIA look forward to taking a leading role in engaging with businesses and entrepreneurs, as well as leaders, civic groups, and members of the community to address concerns, issues, and ambitions in this new era of cannabis legalization.

We encourage you to be heard and join the conversation.

David C Holland, Esq.
President, NYCCIA

Andrew P. Schriever, Esq.
President, HVCIA


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