The Patriot Cafe: Trump Won’t Support Cannabis But This Lot Are Busy Spruiking CBD Products On His Name

Where on earth do we start with this one ?

We received this email into our inbox this morning..

That certainly rings warning bells for us


Off to their website we head and yes its even worse than we expected


But.. as they say that’s not all here are our erstwhile founders of the Patriot cafe doing their best to ape the look of the now mass infected White House team… maybe they could send the White House a lifetime supply of CBD?

Woody Lee Allen

Co-Founder / Veteran and just a great guy!

Woody served as an Infantry Captain in the 82d Airborne and 101st Air Assault Divisions and with Psychological Operations, JFK Center Ft. Bragg from 1977-1983

Woody is a proud father of 5 and a respected community activist with a passion for history, politics and CBD. He launched the first nationwide CBD subscription box in the industry out of Las Vegas in 2017.
Prior to that, he spent a year traveling the first 5 legal cannabis states familiarizing himself with the industry’s supply chain and making many industry contacts.

Woody is a also an enthusiastic historian (not a boring one) a walking Encyclopedia, an accomplished author of a popular Christmas Tale Book and the Host of The Patriot Cafe Podcast!

and …….

Marzena Jonak

Co-Founder and the “nice ” Redhead

Marzena is a Global Brand Developer and CBD consultant with extensive training in CBD Extraction, Manufacturing and Brand Development.

Marzena is also a mom of 3 boys, who is passionate about health, nutrition and alternative medicine. Witnessing teen prescription drug abuse in high schools she decided to research natural substitutes for treatment of anxiety, depression and ADD.  Marzena was also on the Presidents Team of a German Nutritional Company, creating Million Dollar Network Sales, holding Health & Wealth Seminars and empowering people.
Due to her multicultural upbringing she is a native speaker in Polish, German and English. Immigrating from a former communist country she is a passionate Republican and believes in “The American Dream” based on hard work and taking faith into your own hands.

We really treat you here.. here comes the infomercial….

We are Patriots committed to Keep America Great, CBD Lovers, Real News Seekers

& Trump2020 Supporters ! Proudly Veteran Owned!


Finally the tackiest product on offer has to be this.

Better start saving now.. perfect for the holidays by which time we hope Trump is dragged kicking and screaming out of Washington and frogmarched into the first NYC court for proceedings to begin. Let’s start with tax…


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