The Popularity of Medicinal Marijuana in Australia


Medicinal marijuana is a hot topic in Australia. More and more people are getting educated about the benefits of cannabis for medical use, and more companies are appearing to help people who want to try it. In this article, we’ll discuss why medicinal cannabis has become so popular and what you can do if you’re interested in trying or using it. Australian online bong shop Clouded Rasata says the sale of bongs in Australia has risen exponentially, as medicinal marijuana becomes more popular as laws ease and governments recognise the benefits of this natural remedy..

Cannabis is a Schedule 8 drug, but it’s legal for medicinal use in Australia

You’ll be glad to know that cannabis is a Schedule 8 drug in Australia, meaning it’s legal for medicinal use. However, you can’t grow your own cannabis or buy from a dispensary without a prescription. You’ll have to go through a doctor and get prescribed specific strains of the plant based on what your needs are.

The use of medicinal cannabis in Australia is legal under certain circumstances

Marijuana is currently legal for medicinal purposes in Australia, and the laws surrounding it are changing rapidly. If you’re considering using medicinal cannabis for your health issues or as part of your treatment plan, here’s what you need to know. 

How do I get a prescription?

You will not be able to obtain a prescription without seeing a doctor who has been approved by the government. These doctors are known as “authorised prescribers” and they can prescribe medicinal cannabis provided they have all relevant information about your condition and its impact on your life. The Australian Government website lists these authorised prescribers by state.

What conditions can be treated with medicinal cannabis?

Medicinal cannabis can only be used as part of treatment plans for certain conditions such as cancer pain (palliative), multiple sclerosis spasms (spasticity), epilepsy seizures, HIV AIDS wasting syndrome symptoms, nausea during chemotherapy treatment, neuropathic pain and sleep disorders caused by illness or injury which cause disturbed sleep patterns like PTSD

Most Australians support the use of medicinal cannabis

Polls show that most Australians support the use of medicinal cannabis, with support highest in people over 55 years old and lowest in people under 45 years old. Support is relatively high across all states and territories except Victoria.

The Australian Government supports the use of medicinal cannabis in limited circumstances

The Australian Government supports the use of medicinal cannabis in limited circumstances. To date, the government has not supported growing your own medicinal marijuana as it is concerned about safety and quality.

The growing and supply of medicinal cannabis remains illegal under Commonwealth law, although some jurisdictions have implemented schemes to regulate its supply for medical purposes.

Medicinal marijuana can be used under certain conditions, but growing your own marijuana is still illegal

First, you have to get the correct approval. You must be a patient or have a parent or guardian who is a patient. If you are growing your own marijuana, then you need to be very careful about where you grow it and make sure that any plants are not visible from the street or other places where they could be spotted by authorities. Also make sure that no one can see them when entering or leaving your home. This can be difficult because most plants grow tall and wide enough so that they block the view of those entering and leaving their homes with cannabis plants in their possession.

If you are unsure of how to go about obtaining this approval then speak with someone who knows more than yourself – perhaps even an experienced lawyer who deals with medicinal marijuana cases regularly?


We hope you now have a better understanding of what medicinal cannabis is, how it’s used in Australia, and the legal status of it. Medicinal marijuana can be a great tool to help people who are suffering from some illnesses and conditions. However, before you start using this drug make sure that you understand all its pros and cons so as not to jeopardise your health or wellbeing.



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