The reality of students back in the classroom

I am back in the classroom for the first time since Fall 2021.  Students are different.
The class I teach is Hyflex. Students can attend in person or on Zoom. I choose this flexibility.
Students do engage in Zoom. Students sometimes engage in the classroom. The entire dynamic is different and new. I have no comparisons with
previous student generations or experiences. This group defies definition, in my opinion.
My classroom is incredibly diverse in terms of gender, race, and ethnicity. They are present and they are listening but so many other things are also going on to distract them from learning. They learned over the last few years to learn & listen while scrolling, while at work, while watching children.
They are “engaged” at a level their life allows. This is for sure a new reality that I as a professor must face in an open and inquisitive way. For now, I have no answers but they are coming.

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