Recent report from Aus website Pondering Pot who introduce their piece by writing

The Victorian government is conducting a inquiry into the use of cannabis led by the Legislative Council’s Legal and Social Issues Committee and Committee Chair Fiona Patten, which has prompted the Family Council of Victoria (FCV) to make a public submission.

Little is known about the FCV and its president Michael Treacy. Having no official website or documented information, the submission should be taken with a grain of salt. However, as it was accepted by the committee, it will be taken into consideration by the inquiry and so its contents should be examined.

The inquiry asks a range of questions relating to cannabis use in Victoria, with one of them asking ‘Do you think there should be restrictions on the use of cannabis?’. We recently discovered that 89% of respondents selected the option that ‘Personal use of cannabis should be legal‘. With 90% believing that that the ‘Sale of cannabis should be legal and regulated’.

The FCV on the other hand believes otherwise, ticking both ‘Sale should remain illegal‘ and ‘Personal use of cannabis should remain illegal‘. Thankfully, Mr. Treacy also included a written submission in which he explained his reasonings. Let’s take a look.

Read what  Mr Treacy thinks although let’s be upfront there isn’t much critical though applied to his thinking

Meanwhile let’s take a look at Mr Treacy and his self styled  Family Council of Victoria

First up his website

Turns up this page



Small mercies we say !

Over at facebook we get this piece of amateur anti vaxxer type page way before its time, so Mr Treacy must be on the cutting edge of keyboard warriorship as the FB page was last updated in 2016 !



When we find more we’ll let you know. We have found one individual online in Vic that looks as though he may fit the role but we’ll need to get confirmation before we can publicize that.