OAKLAND, CALIF., JANUARY 14, 2021 … For the first time, California cities and counties can measure how well their new cannabis ordinances are protecting youth and supporting social equity. Released today by Getting it Right from the Start at the Public Health Institute (PHI), 157 scorecards summarize cannabis policies in each of the California cities and counties that have opted to permit storefront sales of recreational cannabis. The scorecards bring light to a patchwork of local policies that often fall far short of what public health leaders believe is necessary to prevent the cannabis industry from following in the footsteps of Big Tobacco. “California is solidly in the ‘Wild West’ of cannabis regulation, creating an overheated cannabis market that has already led to increases in teen use. This approach can have serious negative impacts on physical and mental health, as well as equity,” says pediatrician Lynn Silver, MD, MPH, who heads PHI’s Getting it Right from the Start project. The City of San Luis Obispo scored the highest of all jurisdictions, with 52 points, thanks to several early……..

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