With the legalization of the cannabis industry, several new job roles have accompanied it. One such job role is that of the budtender. If you are naturally inclined to be a budtender and if the job is in line with your work ethic, personality, and skill set, then, by all means, go for it.

It is the top advertised job where you get a chance to work with the cannabis industry. Cannabis-related businesses are always looking for good people who are fit for providing cannabis advice and marketing the products. It is indeed true that most cannabis consumers form their opinions about a cannabis company based on their interactions with a budtender. So, budtenders don’t merely act to serve customers, but they act as brand ambassadors too.

The exact legal status of cannabis varies and every state has in place its own set of laws concerning cannabis employment. The requirements can vary from state to state and taking a course should prove to be of immense help in this. They will get you started on how cannabis works and the different forms of the cannabis drug and their legal status and requirements in the various states

Good budtenders are essential for cannabis companies. While they are indispensable to boost a company’s bottom line, they are also the most common employees quitting their jobs. Budtenders quit jobs most often since there is often a marked contrast on the actual job responsibilities and the expectations of the employee about what he is going to do. It is also quite common for employees to fire budtenders in the first three months of their engagement. Such firings may result from the very nature of retail sales jobs, of which the budtender is the epitome.

Retail Turnover

Retail business owners are in no way fond of turnovers as it comes associated with problems like overtime, making the retail team work more. It also leads to work schedule gaps and the necessity for training new employees. As per studies, it costs as much as $3,328 on an average to hire, train, and replace a retail employee. The average pay for such employees is only $10/hour. Retail turnover is at a high (around 70%) for the first year of employee engagement.

 The reasons behind the high levels of retail turnover are often a result of the adage that employees often quit working under particular managers rather than leaving the company. As such, it would only be wise for a retail company to notice such repeated failures at retaining employees. Sadly, few of them do so.

The Job Responsibilities of a Budtender

Some of the responsibilities of budtenders vary and are determined by the setup and location of the cannabis store. At the same time, some of the other budtending tasks are standard irrespective of the particular company. Customer service is a crucial part of what a budtender does on a day to day basis. The user base of the cannabis substance is on the increase fueled by decreasing stigma. Budtenders must serve to provide service to both new as well as seasoned users of the drug.

Due to the legalization of cannabis use in many countries and several US states, more people can access the drug and the vast forms and products it comes in. This large variety of cannabis products is enough to leave even seasoned users stumped. Budtenders can provide them the guidance they need while selecting a particular cannabis product.

Budtenders often make a sale from the very start to the end. They not only help consumers select a product, but also take part in the weighing and packaging process. They also provide the literature that the customer needs to use cannabis properly. These guides are often a legal requirement, and budtenders ensure that cannabis companies don’t fall short or meet such legal requirements.

There are other responsibilities of a budtender as well that do not relate to providing the sales service directly. Non-sales tasks include ensuring that the store and workspace remain clean and organized. The task of filling before rolling pre-rolled joints and keeping the cannabis flowers trimmed and weighing them also falls on the budtender. The supervisor might allocate additional functions to a budtender too.

Required Training

If the prospect of becoming a budtender excites you, you are most welcome to enroll for a course or training classes on the same. A high school diploma is necessary. Also, you need to choose your course carefully. Due to the relatively new nature of budtending work, there are no set standards or regulations regarding budtending training.



To sign off, we can say that the great perks like discounted marijuana, being the first to try out several new cannabis strains, make being a budtender attractive. Pay that is typically ahead of the minimum wage by at least a couple of dollars makes being a budtender well-paying as well.