The World’s Largest Kombucha Company Is Entering The Cannabis Space.. Welcome To “Pineapple Tranquility”!!

Basically a press release about a new product but we must admit finding it interesting to see if a Kombucha company will read the cannabis space better than standard beverage producers

GT’s Living Foods, the best-selling Kombucha brand in the world, is entering the cannabis industry.

According to information procured exclusively, the company is launching a cannabis-infused brew, Cannabliss, in California, applying more than 25 years of experience brewing healthy beverages to create its first cannabis-infused line. 

“As we continue to innovate with plant-based wellness, we could not overlook the power of the cannabis plant, which goes beyond recreational and aligns with our belief that food and plants are medicine,” said GT Dave, founder and CEO of GT’s Living Foods. “When combined with other natural adaptogens, cannabis can offer a number of positive benefits and healing properties. With Cannabliss, we are unleashing the power of this plant so consumers can benefit from mind and body health benefits.”

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