Going through chemotherapy treatment comes with experiencing physical pain. Some of the physical discomfort experienced includes muscle and joint pain, mouth sores, nausea, stomach pains, and headaches. CBD hemp oil is naturally extracted from the hemp plant. It’s believed that the possible anti- inflammatory healing properties may relieve the physical pain that is a result of chemotherapy.

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In the meantime here are some tips on using the oil for chemotherapy pain relief:

1. Add to Bath Water

The believed source of healing in CBD oil is the possible anti-inflammatory properties in the oil. Soaking painful muscles and joints in warm bathwater may help soothe the pain that you experience. Infusing CBD oil in your soak may increase the healing and soothing effect. You can rub bathwater infused with CBD on the areas that are painful for a possible added healing effect.

2. Get a CBD Hemp Oil Massage

You can book a massage session at a spa and carry your hemp oil. You will have to explain that the massage is to try to alleviate the physical pains that you are experiencing. You can either ask the masseuse to infuse the CBD oil into the products that they will apply on your body, or ask for only your hemp oil to be applied. CBD hemp oil is also believed to be a relaxant because of the anti-inflammatory properties. After the massage, you may feel relaxed and may experience less physical pain. It is important to note that there is currently no official dosage regarding the use of CBD oil. You can consult your doctor before including hemp oil in your massages. Your doctor can guide you in terms of dosage and frequency of massages.

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3. Infuse Body Lotion with CBD Hemp Oil

You can add a few drops of CBD oil into your body lotion. This ensures daily application of hemp oil on the body parts that ache, after having showered. The anti-inflammatory particles contained in the oil are believed to reduce swelling. Over time you may notice that inflamed parts of your body may begin to respond to the oil and lotion infusion.

4. Make CBD Hemp Oil Edibles

CBD and THC, the psychoactive component of marijuana, aren’t the same product, which is why hemp oil is legal and safe to ingest. CBD oil is believed to possibly alleviate nausea which can be physically painful, thereby increasing your appetite. You can make oil treats that you can snack on just before mealtimes to encourage your appetite and be able to keep the food down. Hemp oil edibles can be in the form of gummy bears and chocolate muffins for example. Snacking is enjoyable, meaning the taking of CBD may seem less of a chore and more of an activity to look forward to.

5. Infuse with Food or Beverages

When you have prepared your meal or ready to enjoy a beverage, you can add a few drops of hemp oil. You might not be able to taste the hemp oil flavour as it may not overpower the flavour of the food. The possible healing properties may help with indigestion pains and may facilitate easier digestion of your meal because of the anti-inflammatory properties contained.

6. Use a Swab

Mouth sores can be a result of chemotherapy and can make speaking, chewing and drinking painful. You can try soothing the pain by rinsing your mouth and applying CBD hemp oil drops onto a clean swab. You can then gently clean the sores using the swab. Make sure to throw out used swabs and always use clean ones to avoid infections.

7. Use a Dropper

You can use the dropper that comes with the CBD hemp oil bottle and take the oil in its liquid form. The oil may relieve stomach cramps and discomforts that may be a result of constipation or diarrhoea. CBD products may come with recommended dosages – however, keep in mind that these are unofficial recommendations.


There are different ways that you can use CBD hemp oil for chemo pain relief. You can use a combination of a few, or try finding the one that suits you best. Some of the ways you can use CBD hemp oil include adding to bathwater, enjoying a hemp massage, infusing with lotion, snacking on edibles, infusing with food, using a swab, or taking from the dropper. Whenever you use CBD oil keep in mind that there is no official recommended dosage and you may need to seek guidance from your doctor. CBD hemp oil is also not a substitute for the medical treatment you receive and is only a possible pain relief