Top 5 Tips for Marijuana Packaging

With many states legalizing marijuana, there are excellent opportunities for cannabis retailers. However, challenges do not stop at legalization. You also need to consider your marijuana packaging.

Weed packaging is not just important for aesthetics. There are also marijuana laws you have to abide by that include packaging criteria. Read on to learn five tips to guarantee successful pot packaging.


  1. Learn Marijuana Compliance Laws

States have their own marijuana laws, including criteria to prevent distribution to minors or the black market. Marijuana packaging and labeling are a big part of this.

Check your state’s marijuana laws regularly, as regulations can change fast. Some states have changed rules without a grace period. For example, some states require a child-resistant or resealable container.

Before you plan any pot packaging design, make sure it meets your state’s laws. Otherwise, you will experience problems later on in the design process.


  1. Determine the Type of Weed Packaging

There are different types of weed packaging, so find what is suitable for your product type. For example, cannabis flowers do not suit most of the flexible packaging options as the flowers break.

Rigid cannabis packaging is hard and can offer longer shelf life. It also protects products and can appear more premium than disposable options. Semi-rigid packaging is often transparent and made from materials such as aluminum.

Flexible packaging is widely available and lightweight. It is perfect for cannabis concentrates. Or you can use smell-proof bags to maintain cannabis freshness.


  1. Think Efficiently

Consider how easy and quick it is to produce your ideal marijuana packaging. You do not want to have to pause production if there is a supply shortage.

You can also reduce your waste impact with reusable materials. With upfront investment and planning, reusable choices offer long-term cost savings.

Efficient marijuana packaging includes glass jars and tins.

  1. Pick Environmentally-Friendly Materials

Did you know the US is the top trash-producing country in the world? Consider environmentally friendly materials to reduce your environmental impact. Several options are reusable or biodegradable.

It is appealing to consumers when you have environmentally friendly packaging. It shows you are conscious of your product’s impact on the world.

Hemp packaging is one environmentally friendly option, which is biodegradable. Read more about hemp packaging here.


  1. Choose Your Design Aesthetics

Weed packaging can abide by marijuana laws but also look good! Find weed packaging with a design that reflects your product. A nice design will stand out at the dispensary and attract more customers.

Also, consider your target audience’s needs. Their needs will inform the product design.


The Best Marijuana Packaging

Follow these tips to get the best marijuana packaging for your product. It is not just about meeting marijuana compliance laws. Good weed packaging will help protect your product, improve shelf life, and attract more consumers.

There are weed packaging companies that can assist you during the production process. They can help you think creatively and honor marijuana laws to achieve your dream packaging.

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