Trulieve Sues “Grizzly Research” Over Shortseller Report That Dropped Over 30% Off Their Stock Price In December

Cannabis Law Report is investigating if an executive at a Canadian Cannabis company, that is publicly traded, was involved behind the scenes to help Grizzly Research with their research for the Trulieve short report and there’s also the possibility that capital was provided to set up a short position against Trulieve.
Trulieve has sued the investment fund that wrote the shortseller report that dropped their stock in December by at least 30% .
Siggy named in the suit , is believed to be the individual responsible for managing Grizzly Research.
Here’s the Trulieve allegation ……


Plaintiffs Trulieve Inc., Trulieve Cannabis Corp. (collectively, “Trulieve”) and Kim Rivers sue Grizzly Research LLC, GeoInvesting, LLC, Siegfried “Siggy” Eggert, Scott A. St. John, and Jean-Joseph W. Lindor, Jr., and allege:



1. Plaintiff Trulieve Inc. (“Trulieve Inc.”) is a Florida corporation with its principal address, as well as facilities, in Gadsden County. Many of Trulieve Inc.’s shareholders are Florida residents. Trulieve Inc. relies on the financial strength and good name of its parent company (Plaintiff Trulieve Cannabis Corp.) such that injury to the parent’s reputation would likewise injure Trulieve Inc., and vice versa. At times in this Complaint Trulieve Inc. and Trulieve Corp. are collectively referred to as “Trulieve.”




2. Plaintiff Trulieve Cannabis Corp. (“Trulieve Corp.”) is a holding company formed in British Columbia, Canada whose only assets are subsidiaries, which subsidiaries include Trulieve Inc. Trulieve Corp. owns no properties – its registered office in the United States is a facility owned by Trulieve Inc. in Gadsden County, Florida. Trulieve Corp. has no employees and instead acts through agents, most of whom are Florida residents employed by and paid through Trulieve Inc. Trulieve Corp. is publicly traded on the Canadian Stock Exchange under the symbol TRUL and over the counter under the symbol TCNNF.

3. Plaintiff Kim Rivers is a resident of Florida, the CEO of Trulieve Inc. and Trulieve Corp., and sues in her official and individual capacities.

4. Defendant Grizzly Research LLC (“Grizzly”) is a Delaware limited liability company who published false and defamatory statements about Plaintiffs and used agents in Florida to trespass on Trulieve Inc. property in order to obtain information and images used to defame Plaintiffs.

5. Grizzly represents itself as being “focused on producing differentiated research insights on publicly traded companies through in-depth due diligence.” See Grizzly’s Twitter Page, attached as Exhibit A.

6. However, Grizzly admits on its website that it may have “short positions in the companies covered,” such as Trulieve, and states: “We are biased in our views, just as investors, the company we publish on, the investment banks, and almost any stakeholder.” See Grizzly’s “About” Page attached as Exhibit B.1 Grizzly further admits: “You should assume that as of the publication date of the reports found on this website, GRIZZLY RESEARCH LLC stands to

1 All emphasis in quotations is added unless otherwise noted. 2

profit in the event the issuer’s stock declines.” See Grizzly’s “Disclaimer” Page, available at (last accessed January 10, 2020)…








The Grizzly Website & Report





The Trulieve Response To Grizzly Report & Their Website




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