Trump Accuses Fetterman Of Being “On Hard Drugs”

We shouldn’t really give Trump the time of day with his ugly pot stirring but it illustrates that Fetterman is seen as a real challenge to the idiocy of Oz et al…


Trump said, without proof, that Fetterman is abusing hard drugs.

“Fetterman supports taxpayer-funded drug dens and the complete decriminalization of illegal drugs, including heroin, cocaine, crystal meth, and ultra lethal fentanyl,” Trump said. “By the way, he takes them himself.”

Following the speech, Fetterman’s campaign released a statement saying in part, “more and more lies from Trump and Dr. Oz, another day, but it’s the same crap from these two desperate and sad dudes.”

Current Pennsylvania Attorney General and Democratic nominee for governor Josh Shapiro tweeted about the rally saying Mastriano was only at the rally to “spread election lies, undermine our democracy and shine a national spotlight on his dangerous extremism.”

The Pennsylvania Democratic Party also responded, saying the Oz and Mastriano campaigns are out of touch with Pennsylvanians and that they have “embraced Donald Trump’s toxic positions on abortion, healthcare, and election conspiracy.”

As it often happens, Donald Trump took up most of the time at the podium, with Oz and Mastriano briefly speaking – and Oz once again challenging Fetterman to a debate.

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