15 March 2017

This morning we reference just a couple of articles just to illustrate the constant back and forth on this.

The same thinking is being applied to a whole range of Whitehouse activities and policies ( do they actually have any policies?)

So, at least we know the Cannabis sector isn’t being singled out for the trump cluster****

One one hand this morning we read on CNBC

Trump and his attorney general are freaking out the $7 billion pot industry

The cannabis industry could be in for a serious buzz kill.

Marijuana dispensaries and manufacturers are increasingly worried that the Trumpadministration will crack down on enforcement of federal laws that ban growing and selling marijuana — reversing the president’s stance during his campaign and potentially upending what has become a $7 billion market. The anxiety was sparked by surprise comments from White House spokesman Sean Spicer last month that the government would likely step up its enforcement of drug laws.

Shortly afterward, Attorney General Jeff Sessions told a conference of state attorneys general that he is “dubious” about the benefits of pot. He reiterated those concerns in an interview with conservative radio talk show host Hugh Hewitt last week.


Yet on the same day in MJ Biz daily we read

AG Sessions signals no major federal marijuana crackdown


Then again we have this approach where Sessions uses words like “appropriate” in order to sit on the fence and leave people in doubt

Jeff Sessions to enforce federal marijuana laws in an ‘appropriate way’

Jeff Sessions to enforce federal marijuana laws in an ‘appropriate way’