A recent US court case filing illustrates the importance of working with a seed supplier that you know, trust and knows the international market.

A recent US court case filing illustrates the importance of working with a seed supplier that you know and trust.

Currently in the US a CBD producer based in Kentucky is suing a Oregon hemp seed seller for $44 million a lawsuit says.

The plaintiff, a Kentucky-based company that produces CBD has filed a $44 million lawsuit against the  Oregon company it claims sold it nearly worthless hemp seeds that ruined a massive 2019 crop.

Elemental Processing of Lexington, Kentucky, claims their growing plans tanked when HP Farms of Troutdale OR sold them more than 6 million seeds that were mostly “male” instead of “feminized,” as promised.

The suit notes that male seeds sell for less than a penny each while feminized seed costs as must as $1 each because female plants produce a CBD-rich flower. According to the suit, the presence of male plants also prevents female plants from flowering.

The lawsuit states it was only after the Kentucky company had distributed the hemp seeds from Oregon to various farmers and those farmers’ crops had sprouted that the company learned the seeds were male and not female. “The farmers had no choice but to plow under the plants,” the lawsuit alleges


Could the same thing happen to European growers as

regulation begins to take a hold in countries throughout the region?


Luckily to combat the issue Elemental Processing of Lexington has with their supplier there are companies now operating in the market like UK based, The Vault , who take a far more professional approach to seed supply not just for their local and regional market but for international customers too.


Trusted and well-established cannabis seeds stores that you can count on for all of your cannabis seeds collecting needs, are regularly monitored by social media communities like GrassCity, FacebookBest Seed Bank and Rollitup, Always check with these communities before engaging with a supplier

Companies such as The Vault and others ship orders to every corner of the earth, however, it is important that you check your local laws regarding the sale and ownership of cannabis seeds before you place an order.

As a word of advice always fully research local law, ordinances and regulation before making purchases and arranging for shipping.


Important FAQ’s To Consider Before Purchasing Seeds


Seed Research

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Find a service that uses the most robust SSL security methods possible to ensure that all transactions are fully protected, so you can rest easy when you place your order with us.


Ensure your supplier provides anonymous shipping


Ensure your supplier is fully committed to protecting and upholding the privacy of all its customers.  Check out your supplier’s  privacy policy for more detailed information on all the ways in which we do this.

Legality of cannabis seeds

Cannabis Seeds are entirely legal to buy and own in the UK and in many locales all around the world.  Germination or cultivation of said cannabis seeds, however, is entirely illegal in the UK and in many other countries.  Suppliers sell cannabis seeds to allow collectors all over the world to legally preserve valuable genetics for more enlightened times in the future, as adult genetic souvenirs, or for novelty purposes.

Once again we urge anybody purchasing seeds  you to obey all of your local laws and to only place an order with a supplier if you are entirely certain that it is legal to buy, own or have cannabis seeds sent where you live.

To get more information on the legal side of things regarding the sale of cannabis seeds, check out this useful legal information section that UK supplier the Vault has put together for buyers.

They have also produced this useful video