Try these 7 grape vape juices in 2021

Hey vape lovers! Are you craving to feel the new tastes of 2021? Are you dying to know what the year has brought for you?

If yes, then your wait is over. We are up with the list of top grape vape juices of the year. That is going to make you fall in love with grape juices all over again. Just try these flavors and feel the magic. So come on, dear readers, let us waste no more time and dive into the most awaited blog of the year. And find a new buddy for the time.

Disclaimer: It is hard to get over these grape juices.

Must try grape vape juices of 2021

This is the hottest list of 2021, worth every bit of your attention. We have encompassed a choice for every variety of vapers. So, you can find the perfect mate from here.

  1. Pachamama fuji

So, here comes the first Juice on the list. This Pachamama Fuji is an intense blend of apple, strawberry, and peaches. Out of which, Apple is the dominant flavor. For those who love apples, this is the best choice. And, even if you are not so inclined towards apples, you should use them as they can give you the strongest hint of apple along with a twist of exotic fruits like strawberries and peaches to make your day sway. And, it can make you a fan of apples from that day.

It is a smooth vape juice with minimal or no harshness at all. It is something that needs people’s attention. So, go ahead and try it out.


  1. Dinner lady lemon tart

Do not worry if fruits do not top your list of priorities when it comes to vape juices. We have brought a strong choice for you to hit with intense citrus flavors. The dinner lady lemon tart is a perfect match for those who want something to shake their nerves.

It is a blend of lemon, sugar, and meringues. The incredible balance of citrus and lemon makes it wanted. And it is also called the British flavor. And if the citrus part is making non-citrus lovers fearful, you must know that it is sweet tasting with a slight hint of lemon. So, it is for you too.


  1. Nasty Juice ASAP grape

You must have heard about it. And if your answer is no to this, then you are missing the best in this world. Nasty Juice ASAP grapes are everything that you need. It is a Malaysian wonder juice.

A perfect escape from Mount Baker Vapor’s Thug juice flavor. It is the 2021 darling grape vape juice. And, if you have missed it then, you have missed the best. It has a strong after-effect of menthol with a mild sweet taste during the go. It should be on the top of your list if you have not tried it by now.


  1. Cuttwood tobacco trail

Here comes something for our cigarette lovers! Cuttwood tobacco is made for cigarette smoke lovers. Chuck, fruits, and citrus. All you need is cuttwood tobacco, and they need you, the tobacco lovers.

It is one of the best-tasting tobacco flavors. It is an overpowering and strong vape juice that is not harsh either. It can produce a lot of smoke. And, it is the most popular option present in the market these days. The difference that it offers from regular cigarette smoke is its caramel-coated tobacco. It can be your perfect alternative to cigarettes and a lifesaver.


  1. Grape jam

The next one on this list is a premium choice. It is the most refined grape vape juice present in the market. It comes with a flavor of grape jam that you can feel throughout the burn. And, you can feel it with every hit that you take. It is a great choice to start your day with.

It contains 70% of vegetable glycerine. Not only this, but grape jam comes in a range of nicotine levels. There is one for starters, casual smokers and lovers too. You can pick accordingly. It has a considerable after effect associated with it that can make you feel like chasing the clouds.


6. Purple grape

We are stepping into the world of fruits again. Next is a blend of purple grapes and berries. It is a classic vape juice with exotic fruit flavors of strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries. If you like mild zest, then a purple grape vape is made for you. It gives a pleasant surprise to the inhalers.

The VG/PG ratio in purple grapes is 70/30. Like grape jam, it also comes with a range of nicotine levels, from beginners to daily vapers. It is smooth, so an even more prolonged duration of vaping won’t hurt your throat.


7. Starfruit grape

It is another one from Panchanama. A high-quality fruit vape. It contains flavors of ripe grapes and starfruit. It is a premium quality grape vape juice. It is also a good start for the day with a 7:3 VG and PG ratio. It is safe against throat damages and irregularities. So, you can vape it as long as you want to. It is an excellent blend of fruits, making it hard to get over.


Pros of vaping

  1. Less harmful than smoking
  2. Helps overcome nicotine addiction
  3. Wide range of flavors
  4. It gives you instant satisfaction
  5. Affordable


Cons of vaping

  1. Not good for health
  2. Abused and misused
  3. Less information available


You must know the pros and cons when shifting or picking vaping as a choice. Vaping is better than smoking, but it has its cons too.

Final words

These flavors are potentially strong choices. And, it can be hard to pick the one for you. But do remember that nicotine hurts the brain, so have it in a calculated amount. These are not additive but impulsive. So, you might end up falling for them. And, this is the most incredible power of this sensational list of grape vape juices of 2021.

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