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Thank you to everyone who attended our #Boston Travel Risk Management Symposium last night. We hope you were able to take away valuable tips on building an ideal travel risk policy. Thank you again to our panelists & co-sponsors! @ahtinsurance @lanepowell @MIT @VisaHQ #travelrisk

Learn about the California Consumer Privacy Act, how the Act compares with the GDPR, and what the Act might mean for Oregon businesses with Lane Powell and @techoregon on 10/10. https://t.co/eMBgVEWc3Y

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Patient demand drove Louisiana regulators to remove the cap that limited physicians to 100 medical marijuana patients. https://t.co/9GOOft3Zxo #cannabis

Bay Area cannabis community! It's my pleasure to invite you to our signature networking event, The Grasslands Party: New West Summit | Presented by Manna Molecular Science on Oct. 12. RSVP: https://t.co/pKnMcZ07CD Big thanks to our sponsors @mannamolecular and @HobanLawGroup.


Here’s a peek into our lab! Our production assistants ensure that each bottle gets the love and care it needs before our #CBD products make their way to your home!

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National Board of Trial Advocacy (NBTA) re-certifies Attorney Scott Diamond with renewed membership: https://t.co/fpryzLLO2k

Senate Majority Leader Calls for Legalization of Hemp: https://t.co/s8Vhxz0F3X

Attorney Andrew Sacks has received the Committee of the Year award from the Philadelphia Bar Association. Read our blog today to learn more about this accomplishment: https://t.co/Auh5qOLxuC

Andrew Sacks interviewed by The Inquirer for insight into law that bans gun ownership for med-marijuana patients: https://t.co/eJ7SqLYuHK

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Hemp X at Franny's Farm today. https://t.co/BlNJZntoFP

How upset will you be if someone steals your company name or the name of your best selling item? https://t.co/r0MsesuQAW

How upset will you be if someone steals your company name or the name of your best selling item? In this guest post IP attorney Paula Yost of Country Law Shack discusses why you should trademark your hemp brand now. https://t.co/r0MsesuQAW

Are you keeping up with Oregon's labeling rules? https://t.co/tcka2wJtBZ #cannabis #oregon #olcc

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