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Tom Angell from the Marijuana Movement reported on bipartisan U.S. Senate legislation. @jhob discusses potential implications of the legislation that would end the federal war on cannabis to exempt cannabis-related activities under federal law #Cannabis #Marijuana

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Draft Bipartisan Senate Bill Includes 280E Fix — Fails to Provide Complete Protection for... https://t.co/3xy08IY6ZQ | by @lanepowell

Much has recently been discussed about the potential value to the cannabis industry of last Monday’s decision by the U.S. Supreme Court concerning states authorizing sports betting. Barry Abbott discusses potential implications #Cannabis #Gambling

Cannabis Law Blogs@cannabislawblog

Gambling on Sports May Be a Bad Bet for #Marijuana https://t.co/d63adbasL5 via @lanepowell #cannabis

Last week's Weekly Roundup includes new fraud prosecutions, sanctions related to #IranDeal demise, and some speeches by DAG #Rosenstein https://t.co/4L9UogdIG2

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Don't miss @Robert_Hoban as a panelist on the US vs. International Money panel at @NewFrontierData's Advanced Cannabis Investment Workshop on May 30th!

"With marijuana legalization likely to occur in our state in the near future, it is critical our city plans for the public safety, health and financial consequences involved," said Mayor De Blasio. https://t.co/E0rkBVmWCM

HIA Vs. DEA Decision: What The Dismissal Means For The Hemp Industry https://t.co/qMqnYdzSo3 #hemp #votehemp #farmbill #hemphistoryweek

The $20 million “High Finance Fund” is managed by the producers of “The Marijuana Show", in which Hoban Law Group is a proud supporter. The High Finance Fund will be the first women run equity fund focused on the industrial hemp and cannabis industry. https://t.co/KjtNcpIEnv

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Senate Majority Leader Calls for Legalization of Hemp: https://t.co/s8Vhxz0F3X

Attorney Andrew Sacks has received the Committee of the Year award from the Philadelphia Bar Association. Read our blog today to learn more about this accomplishment: https://t.co/Auh5qOLxuC

Andrew Sacks interviewed by The Inquirer for insight into law that bans gun ownership for med-marijuana patients: https://t.co/eJ7SqLYuHK

Andrew Sacks to receive Committee of the Year award during Business Law Section Annual Reception in Philadelphia: https://t.co/mLjYeL41UF

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Do the onerous tax provisions of 280E apply to industrial hemp? https://t.co/KDZE2rpxPi

Have you noticed this CBD trend? https://t.co/4lnilW9VyZ

Excellent story by @Potnetworkcom on the HIA v DEA case: https://t.co/joXWpeqOWq

No, #CBDOil Is Not A Controlled Substance —Not Exactly @thehia @onKight #Hemp #CBD #DEA #Schedule1 #LegalizeIt #Marijuana #MarijuanaNews https://t.co/VpA7Dl491T

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