Types Of Gravity Bongs & Why The Are Fun To Use

Creating a cannabis experience at home is possible by improvising the resources available on hand. From ordinary joints to pipes, there are many cost-effective ways to do it. Even rookies can make simple enough devices that enhance the smoking experience.

One such hassle-free way to go is the gravity bong. Unlike traditional bongs, it lets users enjoy a more potent hit and a higher rewarding experience.


How does it work?

This kind of bong works on a two-piece chamber mechanism – a small and a large chamber. The smaller compartment holds the smoke while the larger one is filled with water. As its name suggests, the bong uses gravity to pull smoke from the cannabis into the small chamber. It relies on air and water pressure to do this. You can then draw the smoke from the compartment directly into the lungs.


Types of gravity bongs

Primarily, there are two major types – a bucket bong and a waterfall bong. But there are also others available nowadays that are just as easy to use.

Bucket bong

It consists of two components – a plastic bottle and a bucket. If a bucket is unavailable, you can substitute it with a larger plastic bottle or any other large container that can hold the plastic bottle.

The plastic bottle is cut in half, and the lower end discarded. It is then joined to the bucket that has already been filled with water. The smoke is collected into the plastic bottle for you to inhale.


Waterfall bong

Unlike a bucket bong, it uses only one vessel or container. It makes use of air pressure to allow smoke to flow into the container as water flows out of it. This type is easy to use as well.

As the name suggests, there is bound to be water everywhere, so only use it in an area that can accommodate that.


Glass bongs

They are soon becoming a popular alternative to traditional bongs. Not only do they add a stylish element to smoking, but they are also a lot more effective. They are safer to use as well since glass is a healthier option compared to plastic.


These Bongs Give A Higher Thrill

There are many ways to smoke cannabis. Arguably, gravity bongs are among the most exciting and effective ways to do it. Here’s how you will enjoy a greater high when you smoke cannabis using these bongs:


  • When you burn cannabis rather than ingesting or vaping it, it gives an altogether different, more potent effect.
  • Since the smoke taken through such bongs is unfiltered, it keeps the high-inducing THC intact in the drug.
  • If you wish to get very high very fast, this is the best bet. These bongs can get the smoke directly into your lungs, giving you a high like no other.
  • You will be able to take in a vast amount of smoke at once instead of spreading it out over multiple sessions. The effects are more intense and faster this way.
  • You can change the amount you smoke depending on the size of the bong. For instance, if you get a larger bong, you will be able to light enough for at least two people.
  • When you use these bongs, nothing goes to waste. The smoke is kept safe inside the chamber without escaping while you get ready to inhale.
  • These are also light on your wallet, as even a smaller quantity can give a greater high.
  • For everyday smokers, this can be a boon, as it helps them get the maximum use of their product.


Even though cannabis is sought for recreational purposes, it has also been proven to have several medicinal benefits. Gravity bongs allow people to enjoy the experience better.



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