Remember we’ve heard this a number of times so be prepared for further delays if there is political jockeying.

Hemp Industry Daily / MJ Biz  got their hands on a copy (unfortunately not shared)   and  report the following.

The path to a December vote

According to the letter currently being circulated among CND members, the first meeting to prepare for a December vote has been proposed for the end of June.

The first meeting should be held virtually, and those that follow could occur remotely as well, depending on the status of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The meeting schedule proposed is as follows:

  • First topical meeting: June 24-25
  • Second topical meeting: August 24-25
  • Third topical meeting: September 16-17
  • Intersessional meeting: September 18

The first three meetings would be open to U.N. member states and could include subject-matter experts from those countries. The WHO would be represented in the meetings “in case any medical or scientific question arises,” and the International Narcotics Control Board and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime would also attend.

The topical meetings would be held behind closed doors to address any questions about the reasoning behind and the implications of the WHO’s recommendations, and to “enable an informed decision at the 63rd reconvened session in December 2020.”

The fourth “intersessional” gathering in September would include non-governmental organizations and the press. During this meeting, member countries “will have the opportunity to recapitulate relevant arguments and sum up their positions and, in addition, other stakeholders may share their views.”

Martin Jelsma, drugs and democracy program director at the Netherlands-based Transnational Institute, told Hemp Industry Daily that his organization is positive the three topical meetings will be held before October.

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UN body prepares for December vote on cannabis rescheduling despite pandemic