UK: Amazon invites select CBD makers to participate in pilot program

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Online retail giant Amazon has launched a pilot program allowing the sale of select CBD ingestibles on its UK website.

The company says “sellers participating in a limited, invite-only pilot” on the UK site are exempt from its sales ban on edible products containing CBD or other cannabinoids.

“This pilot only applies to products listed on and is not available on other Amazon websites,” the company wrote. “The pilot is not accepting additional sellers currently.”

Brands participating in the pilot program include the UK-based supplement makers Healthspan and Natures Aid.

Harry Staight, who handles corporate communications at Amazon’s UK office, told Hemp Industry Daily that the program was launched over the summer. He declined to comment on how many companies were invited to take part in the programme, the criteria used to select them and how the pilot program will be evaluated.

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Amazon invites select CBD makers to participate in UK pilot program


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