31 October 2016

Of course where else but the Daily Mail !

A multiple sclerosis sufferer who grew £40,000 of cannabis a year at her council home claims Prince Charles inspired her to do it.

Controversial reality TV star Michelle X, who appeared on Channel 5 show 37 Years On The Dole, told jurors that she had seen the Royal seemingly advocate use of the drug.

The 49-year-old said she produced the Class B drug so she could self-medicate for her condition.

In her trial at Oxford Crown Court, she said: ‘In the 1990s I saw Prince Charles on the TV and he was talking to someone who had MS.

‘The Prince asked him: “Have you tried cannabis? I’ve heard it is good for MS.”‘

And she continued: ‘At this point I thought if a member of the Royal Family knows about this plant, I should investigate it further.’

She was arrested, along with her former boyfriend, in July last year after police discovered the cannabis farm.

Officers returned to the home in Abingdon, Oxfordshire, the following month after she posted a picture online of new plants while she was on police bail.

Jurors found her guilty of producing cannabis, but Judge Peter Ross opted to spare her a jail spell.

Miss X – who changed her surname after her marriage ended – receives £150 in benefits each week.

She lashed out at the jury after she was convicted, telling members: ‘You are just costing yourselves (by paying my benefits) and I’m just going to keep offending until the law is changed.

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