UK: Dealer who hid cannabis in burger box caught because his car stank

A cannabis dealer who hid drugs in a burger box was caught because the car he was in car smelt so strongly.

Waseem Vali, 30, threw one bag of drugs under the car when police stopped him and more was found in his car and at his home.

Preston Crown Court heard that his phone contained more than 1,000 messages relating to drug dealing and that it was the second time he’d been caught peddling cannabis.

But he walked free when Judge Richard Archer said the long delay bringing the case to court had allowed him to turn his life around.

Prosecuting, Jack Troup said that police officers were on patrol in the Cemetery Road area of Preston at around 6pm in June 2019 and were alerted by a car occupied by Vali and a friend.

He said: “The officers’ car windows were down and they could smell cannabis from the car.

“Mr Vali was sat in the passenger seat. When asked, he admitted smoking cannabis and was asked to step out of the car.

“He admitted throwing a bag of cannabis under the car when they drove past.

“A search was carried out. Underneath the passenger seat the officer found a polystyrene burger box which contained a quantity of cannabis.”

Under caution, Vali told the officers the drugs weren’t his before they searched him and seized a phone and cash.

A search was then carried out at his house, where his parents showed officers to his bedroom. There, they found more cash, two phones, a tick list containing names and addresses of customers, clear bags and weighing scales.

One LG phone was found to have more than 1,000 text messages relating to his drug dealing activities.

In total, cannabis worth £730 and £3,795 of cash was recovered.

Mr Troup said that Vali, of New Hall Lane, Preston, has six previous convictions for six offences including possession of Class B drugs with intent to supply and being concerned in the supply of cannabis.

He pleaded guilty to both of those offences again at a hearing in November.

Defending, William Donnelly, said: “The pre-sentencing report reflect a positive change on behalf of Mr Vali.

“The report speaks of his remorse and in the opinion of the author that remorse is firmly stated and genuine.”

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