UK: ‘Devastated’ Guernsey growers ‘owed more than £500,000’ by cannabis company which has Guernsey politician Marc Leadbeater as a director


A group of Guernsey growers say they are “devastated” after losing 18 tonnes of cannabis crops, claimed to be worth hundreds of thousands of pounds.

The crops were cut, harvested and taken away to be processed by The House of Green more than a year ago, but a number of growers say they are yet to be paid a penny for them.

The company, which has Guernsey politician Marc Leadbeater as a director, was one of the first to take advantage of the island’s new cannabis licenses when they were introduced in 2021.

The House of Green set up a processing lab for CBD products on the island, but earlier this year, CEO Paul Smith claimed regulatory issues were stalling progress.

“Unfortunately the industry took a bit of a setback and we’re now at the point where other jurisdictions are moving ahead much more rapidly than Guernsey and that can be seen across the water in Jersey, but also further afield across Europe,” he said.

The harvested crops have spent the last year in storage, but are now being incinerated as the company already has around 10 years’ worth of supplies to produce CBD products on-island.


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