They write …”Seed the Future, the hemp rebellion, launches campaign to kickstart the fight for the right of the hemp plant to be grown freely in the UK.”

London Meeting Point

Sunday 19th July 2020, 12pm-5pm
New Scotland Yard, Victoria Embankment, London

Source: Seed The Future Instagram

Seed the Future, the hemp rebellion, launches campaign to kickstart the fight for the right of the hemp plant to be grown freely in the UK.

‘Seed the Future’, the UK’s leading hemp movement, kickstarts a hemp rebellion this Sunday 19th July, from 12pm-5pm, with a series of demonstrations across the country, to publicise the legal plight of the hemp plant in the UK, remove political barriers crippling the industry, and bring this most demonised of weeds to the attention of the mainstream.

With the UK in turmoil, a recession looming, our farming industry close to collapse, businesses going under, unemployment at a high, and the general public’s mental and physical health post-Coronavirus a serious concern, where do we go from here?

Source: Seed The Future Instagram


On Sunday 19th July, join Seed The Future at New Scotland Yard, Victoria Embankment, as they show the UK government one of the best possible solutions for this country to create jobs, boost the economy, produce plant-based biodegradable products, and ignite innovation and cutting edge research and development, while also tackling climate change and offering greener solutions to all industries. These are solutions that can help the government keep to its Carbon Zero by 2050 promise.

From 12pm, Seed The Future will include hemp presentations, music, CBD cocktail bar, and the very first London Hemp Market, all while taking part in one of the most important

demonstrations this century. It is truly time to Seed The Future 🌱


This Sunday Seed The Future will stand proud in cities across the county including London, Brighton, Exeter, Bristol, Birmingham, Newcastle, Edinburgh, Belfast and Cardiff, and present to the UK government that these high impact solutions can only be realised with a regulation- free hemp Industry:

  • Recognising hemp as a non-psychoactive, non-toxic medicinal and industrial plant which needs to be fully decriminalised and unlicensed
  • Permitting the use of the whole hemp plant for all applications, as long as those portions of the plant remain below the THC threshold.
  • Increase the THC threshold from 0.2% to 1% to be in line with Switzerland and maintain seed biodiversity and apply a 1% allowance within the CBD industry (note: the naturally high CBD levels will counteract any psychoactivness within the products)
  • Accept the research and recommendations by WHO of safety and the history of use of cannabis to override EU Novel foods legislation in regards to cannabinoids

    These protests are hemp focused; and support comes from the hemp and cannabis community, CBD and medical cannabis users, farmers, musicians, politicians, doctors and actors.

    This is a family event
    Please respect social distancing


    Contact Sam Cannon
    T: +44 7718 373 801 E: sam(at)


    Instagram: @seed.thefuture