UK: House Of Commons – Health and Social Care Committee Drugs Policy. First Report of Session 2019–20

“We heard compelling evidence from those involved in educating young people about drugs about the importance of education which is founded on open dialogue, honesty and trust.” Says the report. We’d suggest that Australian politicians not be so smug about other parliaments. The Commons may well be in the midst of Brexit chaos but it doesn’t stop them coming up with sensible documents. If only the halfwits in Canberra & the NSW parliament could do the same.

Radically changing the approach to drugs policy

We recommend a radical change in UK drugs policy from a criminal justice to a health approach. A health focused and harm reduction approach would not only benefit those who are using drugs but reduce harm to and the costs for their wider communities. Responsibility for drugs policy should move from the Home Office to the Department of Health and Social Care. We recommend that the Government should consult on the decriminalisation of drug possession for personal use from a criminal offence to a civil matter.

The Government should examine the Portuguese system, where decriminalisation was implemented as one part of a comprehensive approach to drugs, including improving treatment services, introducing harm reduction interventions, and better education, prevention and social support. Decriminalisation of possession for personal use saves money from the criminal justice system that is more effectively invested in prevention and treatment. Decriminalisation will not be effective without investing in holistic harm reduction, support and treatment services for drug …

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