A cannabis research centre is being planned for an undisclosed location in the West Wight, and could employ up to 60 people says local media

As previously reported, Vecticanna is a project to study the therapeutic benefits of the plant and push for further research.

Island hemp farmer, Adam Mawer, alongside Wight CBD founder, Nick Joyce, have started plans to build a new facility, to study the medical benefits of the plant.

The project is affiliated with the University of Southampton and the pair have assembled a group of medical and academic professionals to advise the project.

Nick said: “Adam started his Island hemp farm several years ago and has been developing the concept for several years.

“He has worked extremely hard to get a controlled drug license on the site to grow industrial hemp.

“I started Wight CBD in early in 2019 with a similar vision, to create a premium CBD product using hemp grown on the Island.

“The research centre will bring fantastic year-round employment opportunities for many Island residents in this fast-developing industry.

“We hope the site will eventually employ more than 60 people. The pharmaceutical cannabis marketplace is booming globally and Vecticanna hopes the Isle of Wight can reap the benefits of this.

“Vecticanna’s primary focus is to unlock the therapeutic and analgesic (pain relief) potential of cannabinoids and full spectrum cannabis extracts, while simultaneously increasing their availability for patients and end consumers.

“Vecticanna has established a specialist team providing an independent challenge function to all research and development.

“We will ensure our scientific advice is robust, relevant and of high qualify. Our affiliation with the University of Southampton ensures that level ethics and governance.

“In regards to location, all I can say is West Wight. We have to keep the final location under wraps currently.”

Adam and Nick are joined on the management team by David Guy, chief financial officer.

Source:  https://www.countypress.co.uk/news/18474792.isle-wights-new-cannabis-research-centre-employ-60-people/