UK: Jeremy Corbyn’s Son To Launch Hemp Shop In London. Sees Crop As Partial Brexit Solution

The report reveals……Jeremy Corbyn’s youngest son Tommy is preparing to open his hemp shop in the Labour leader’s Islington North constituency next month — and is extolling the plant as “part of the solution” to our Brexit woes.

The National Hemp Service will open on Stroud Green Road in September, and is the passion project of Tommy, 26, and his girlfriend Chloe Kerslake-Smith, 24, pictured. Every product will be made from hemp, a strain of cannabis.

Corbyn told the Islington Gazette yesterday: “We want to champion hemp as a material for all different things. We think cannabis has been demonised for a long time … We don’t want people to be afraid of the plants. We want to help push legalisation forward — it’s the answer to a lot of our health and sustainability issues.

“Hemp offers a huge amount of solutions to the problems of today, in terms of agriculture, environment, even economically, if we all start growing hemp it would help.

“Especially in the Brexit environment when we are not going to be able to export much to the European Union, hemp is part of the solution.”


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